Other Services


Other Services

Integrity Management Services offers a range of other services from risk assessment, planning preparation, to crisis management.

We also deliver a variety of services connected to the planning preparation and execution of operations.

Integrity Management Services have considerable experience in the avoidance and management of kidnap situations providing understanding in how to thwart potential crisis and if necessary providing real time response and consultation.

Bespoke courses can be constructed and delivered to a client’s own staff and resources in a number of operational situations.

Having managed operational delivery and security for many years your procedures can be examined by us to determine if they are at their most effective and risk is minimised. In this way we reduce loss and enhance performance.

We have delivered consultation to law enforcement agencies government departments and commercial organisations preparing them to respond to security threats and risks assisting to install their own solutions and if necessary allowing them to utilise our covert infrastructure.

Integrity Management Services offers a full range range of digital services including computer and mobile forensics, cell site analysis, network forensics and data analysis.