Integrity Management Services undertake all types of investigation anywhere in the world.

We provide investigation and integrity management services to help uncover and respond robustly to security and integrity vulnerabilities for criminal and commercial scenarios globally. All investigations are conducted discreetly incorporating integrity management solutions.

Integrity Management Services have proven expertise in leading major investigations which in the past have incorporated corruption and malpractice issues. We gather evidence in accordance with all applicable legislation dictated by the locations of the investigations. We identify and manage risk, utilising covert and overt methods, depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement

There is no simple solution to IP and Patent Infringement and if left unimpeded has potential for phenomenal damage due to the vast income generated by these activities. A multifunctional and broad based approach is the key to effective management of these destructive crimes. Our methodology is based on experience and past success in the most difficult countries around the globe on behalf of large multi national companies. We gather actionable intelligence and evidence legally and ethically, wherever the investigation is based, for the client to achieve their aims and to make the right business decisions with confidence.

IP crimes and Patent Infringement often involve internal complicity and past employees. We work with counsel and senior management to identify the offenders, gather evidence and advise on the formulation of strategies to combat future incidents.

Financial (Fraud) & internal Investigations

Internal and external financial irregularities cause serious damage to any company irrespective of size, whether a family business or a multinational the damage can have huge repercussions on both finances and reputations.

In many instances, financial irregularities arise from poor internal processes and the overlapping of managerial responsibilities. Our team has decades of experience in this environment for investigation and provides the client with a comprehensive service; intelligence, evidence, enforcement (in liaison with the relevant enforcement authorities), analysis from internal and external sources, together with advice and pre emptive training.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

The Integrity Management Services team has unprecedented and unique experience in the field of Anti Bribery and Corruption having served at senior management level in the Anti Corruption Command of the Metropolitan Police and having conducted investigations in the most difficult countries around the world on behalf of commercial clients. Often there is high level complicity within the Enforcement Authorities and the Government. As such we are aware of regulatory scrutiny on domestic and foreign business activities and are familiar with the use of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.

Asset Recovery

Tracing illegally obtained assets not being an Enforcement Authority is a complex and difficult task. Integrity Management Services team of professional investigators have developed effective methods to support counsel and the relevant authorities make seizures and recover the proceeds of illicit trade.

Supporting Litigation

Integrity Management Services has a wide range of specialised investigation skills, very experienced at supporting counsel with criminal and civil litigation domestically or multi jurisdictional.