We use intelligence to identify risks and provide solutions.

Integrity Management Services provides a range of corporate intelligence and due diligence advisory services to assist clients in taking the appropriate course of action towards the risks encountered in the course of their business.

We provide a bespoke intelligence research service for corporations, businesses and individuals, understanding the client’s requirements. The client will be able to make fully informed decisions mitigating identified risks as a result of the intelligence analysis and assessment. We work with integrity being fully aware of the UK Bribery Act along with other regulatory and legal requirements.

In order to provide this service we use proactive methods, gathering intelligence from all available sources, Human Intelligence, Technical Intelligence, Photographic Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence. We analyse all the available data to identify the exposures, allowing the client to make fully informed decisions providing solutions to mitigate the identified risks.

All the members of Integrity Management Services are highly skilled in the field of intelligence gathering and have extensively utilised the National Intelligence Model (NIM) and the use of the Tasking and Coordinating system to make best use of the ‘Intelligence for Action’.

The crucial elements to successful intelligence gathering are:

  • it is obtained legally,
  • it is relevant and
  • it is actionable.

Integrity Management Services