Investigations – utilising a wide array of experienced experts in diverse fields of work. Our unrivalled experience in law enforcement and military operations gives us the edge over our competitors in all types of investigations in the private and corporate sectors. For more infomation click here.

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Digital Forensics – Integrity Management Services offers a range of digital services including computer and mobile forensics, cell site analysis, network forensics and data analysis. For more information click here.


Fraud – Integrity Management Services can provide specialists with extensive fraud experience. We can investigate all forms of fraud, misconduct or dishonesty in the corporate or private sectors. Our professional team will work with discretion, sensitivity and urgency to minimise risk in challenging situations. For more information click here.

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Intelligence – Integrity Management Services provide comprehensive due diligence services to clients globally. We have experience supporting high net worth individuals, financial institutions, businesses and government agencies. The service can include background checks on individuals and business partners. For more infomation click here.

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Risk Assessment – Integrity Management Services provide comprehensive risk assessment services to individuals and businesses. In depth analysis of our findings allow us to provide detailed advice on the vulnerabilities faced by our clients in the UK and world wide. Furthermore, we can provide recommendations on how risk can be minimized or reduced. For more information click here.


Security – our highly experienced protection officers can provide technical or physical security for corporations or individuals. We specialize in providing maritime security services. We can conduct security assessments for individuals, businesses or specific sites or facilities. For more information click here.

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