Paul Greenwood

Paul Greenwood, Managing Director of Integrity Management Services

Paul Greenwood retired from the Metropolitan Police as a Detective Superintendent in October 2009, having been a career detective since completion of his probationary training gaining vast experience of covert and overt investigation.

He has extensive knowledge of working with different agencies (UK and overseas), and a strong track record of achieving results.  Paul has extensive knowledge of counter terrorism, anti corruption and major crime investigation. He has an excellent network of contacts.

Paul joined the Metropolitan Police in August 1982 at the conclusion of the Falklands conflict, having served 4 years in the Royal Marines.

After probationary training his career in the police saw him first work in CID departments in busy police stations, involving him in various major crime investigation, including murder enquiries. He progressed to the Flying Squad, dealing with armed robbery whilst being a member of the armed surveillance team.

Subsequently Paul worked on the National Crime Squad (now the National Crime Agency and previously named SOCA) where he was engaged internationally in combating the supply of controlled drugs, money laundering and kidnap offences. Here he led teams including the Informant handling Unit, whilst completing National Surveillance and Kidnap Courses.

Paul progressed on promotion back to the Metropolitan Police and the Anti Corruption Command where he dealt with internal corruption issues whilst leading operational teams and then heading up the intelligence unit with covert assets. He was additionally involved during this posting with the strategic development and implementation of anti corruption units for overseas and UK police services.

In November 2004 he transferred to the Counter Terrorism Command, where in the role of Senior Investigating Officer, he was responsible for investigation into major terrorist incidents, including kidnap and bomb scene management, which included the London 7/7 and 21/7 attacks. He has been on operational deployments to Iraq, Ethiopia and Qatar and has conducted specialist training in Kenya, Bahrain, Qatar and Estonia.

Additionally he was involved in key liaison with Security Agencies and Special Forces in both the UK and overseas. Later moving to the Intelligence Unit he managed intelligence gathering relating to the identification of terror cells and networks. Paul received a number of high commendations during his police career, especially in his last posting at the Counter Terrorism Command.

Upon retirement from the police, Paul has worked in the private sector for an established global security and investigation company, where he headed up the Corporate and Sporting Integrity Department, engaging in global investigation and security issues in order to coordinate services for corporate, sporting and individual clients.

He presently holds security clearance having recently undertaken contract work abroad for the UK Government. Paul holds the IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF).